My middle child Sarah was baptized today!

I cannot tell you how happy I am that my step daughter was baptized today. It has been a struggle with my children as they are hit with information from their friends, the internet and people they meet. I tried to be aggressive in my tactics in trying to get them to change but, only made them put up a wall and resist my attempts to turn them to God.

It was only when we started praying for them and giving them up to God that we have started seeing changes. I still find a need to try to make changes but, I see the Lord’s work now and I am trying to listen more than tell them what they need to believe. I thank God for helping me to grow through my children for the Glory of God.

Psalm 23 is what I am reading today and in Sarah’s church the scripture was Acts 7: 1-53 about witnessing to people. A valuable lesson to me today.

May God bless all who read this today.

About brothertripp

I am a christian, a husband, a father and I am writing about my daily walk and sometimes stumble for God. Occasionally I will write some of my daily devotionals with my own interpretation of them.
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