Why I need Jesus

When I was still young I thought that I could do anything. I couldn’t wait to get out from my parents and to do my own thing. It is like a beacon, a milestone to be out on your own, to make your own mistakes and be considered an adult. My first thing to do was to open the door and all the windows at my apartment and turn on the air condition and leave all the lights on at night. Yes it is silly but, I was on my own now and could do what I wanted.

Going Out Into The World

I worked a couple of jobs and saved up money, I got my own stuff and paid my bills but, this was what was expected of a man. This was what life was and still today for many, what life is about. What ones purpose is. Yet I could hear the beating on an apartment door across from me of a dealer wanting his money and my neighbor’s kids blaring music all night to the middle of the day and I worked all the time and got little rest. During this time I sought a girlfriend to have thinking that having this other person in my life will make me whole or at least fill in some of the emptiness that was in me at the time.

Going Into Christ

I met some of my friends from high school when I was drinking and smoking and looking to start a fight or two. I was hurting inside and I wanted people around me to hurt more than me because for a little while it made me feel better. What my friends showed me first was the book of Revelations because it is what interested me and anybody who has any passing interest in the Bible likes Revelations for all the symbolisms and destruction and the promise to the end of this life. As my friends went on though, they showed me also that God had something better for me through His son Jesus. That all I had to do was to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior verbally and in my heart and that I was saved at once seemed too easy and awkward and the same time. Did I really have to say that? Out loud? What if other people heard me or found out that I was “Christian”? My parents weren’t and I didn’t live around any. There comes a time after searching other faiths and methods of enlightenment when you need to just stop and take inventory of yourself and what the world has giving you and what Christ is offering you and you need to make a decision. I chose Christ and maybe somebody out there will read this and do that also. Let it be to the Glory of God.


To learn more about Christ go to http://faithwritersjesuspage.weebly.com/ and to read more articles from other writers go to http://www.faithwriters.com

About brothertripp

I am a christian, a husband, a father and I am writing about my daily walk and sometimes stumble for God. Occasionally I will write some of my daily devotionals with my own interpretation of them.
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